A Bexleyheath boozer has been slammed after a bizarre row erupted regarding a comical order of mushy peas.

Daniel Kelly, 23, was travelling to The Furze Wren on Saturday (October 13) evening to celebrate a friend’s birthday party after a long day’s work.

His mates were already enjoying a classic Wetherspoons knees up when they text Daniel to order ten portions of the British side dish.

“Naturally, I agreed to get that round via their app,” Daniel told News Shopper.

He admitted it was “probably a joke order” and was not surprised when he was informed his pea request had been cancelled.

Having taken £5 from his account, Daniel arrived 45 minutes later before asking for a refund.

He said: “I was met with distaste from the manager who reluctantly informed me the peas had been fired up while I was requesting a refund and I would have to wait.”

Daniel claims to have waited four hours until midnight but stressed that no peas arrived.

His sister, Robyn Kelly, who was also at the birthday celebrations, started a Twitter thread about the pea controversy using the hashtag #wherearethepeas.

The unhappy customer said he was “passively infuriated” by the “palaver” and sent an email of complaint to the pub.

In a later reply seen by News Shopper, the pub’s management team wrote: “On this occasion we are not in a position to offer you a refund for your order of mushy peas.

“We now consider this matter closed, and no further communication will be entered into.”

Daniel recommended his local donate the £5 to charity or to give the mushy peas to the homeless.

“It is the principle of it,” he said.

“I understand if they thought it was a wind-up but I paid for a service and so was entitled to a refund. This could have been easily resolved.

"I prefer not going to chain pubs anyway. I only go to them when my friends want to go for a drink.”

A spokesman for Wetherpoons said they will now offer Daniel the fiver “as a show of goodwill” after News Shopper asked for comment.

He added: “The pub had already made up the ten portions of peas for the customer, who then said he didn’t want them.

“Therefore the pub rightly declined to refund him.”

However, Daniel insisted he would not have declined the peas and is adamant they never came.

The pead off punter remains unsure whether he will return to the pub.