A new comedy brimming with classic night time bus characters familiar to those of us used to tiresome late journeys home is launching in Deptford.

N89, named in honour of the bus route running through south-east London, will be performed tonight (October 23) at the new Matchstick Piehouse theatre for the first time.

The story starts in the early hours of a Saturday morning when Kim falls asleep on a stranger’s shoulder.

Mark Daniels, 32, the Bexley man who wrote the play, explained the inspiration behind it.

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“I just love public transport,” he began.

“Buses are such interesting places. Everyone is going to different places, but everyone meets there. You see how people watch, judge each other and interact.

“If anything happens out of the ordinary everyone notices, and your senses are heightened. On a night bus half of the characters are drunk, which should make this really funny.”

The theatre opened in Deptford almost three months ago and locals are treated to two plays per month.

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Comedy shows, music festivals and various arts events are also hosted nightly at the space on Edward Street.

“This show wouldn’t have been possible without Matchstick,” Mr Daniels said.

“They want to represent people form south-east London and they have been great. When I first came to them with the script it was only 20 minutes long. Lots of theatres would say it is not long enough, but they seen the potential and relevance to the local area.

“They gave me space for research and it is now a 60-minute long play thanks to their patience.”

The lead role is played by Kidbrooke’s Molly Ward and Mr Daniels is confident audiences will appreciate their hometowns being represented on stage.

He said: “The characters discuss gentrification and whether it is hitting south-east London. You hear the bus stops called out in the background and you don’t often hear Welling or New Cross mentioned in theatre.”

Tickets are still available for the show which will run on Tuesday and Thursday evening this week and next at 7.30pm.