Stress caused by a police investigation may have led a salesman to take his own life, an inquest has heard.

The hanged body of Gary Mercer, 38, was found by his partner Damien Rixon at their home in Grovehurst Road, Dartford, on June 1.

An inquest at Dartford Coroner's Court on September 12 heard Mr Mercer had tried to gas himself in his car in April.

He was subsequently treated at the Little Brook Hospital, Bow Arrow Lane, Stone, Dartford, for an adjustment disorder, causing anxiety and depression.

Consultant psychiatrist Said Manahi-Rikaby said this could have been caused by the stress of a police investigation Mr Mercer had been involved with.

Coroner Roger Hatch recorded a verdict of suicide, adding: "He took his own life on the grounds his life was disturbed."