Locations in Bromley and Lewisham played a key role in the upcoming biopic about rock star Freddie Mercery and his band Queen.

The film is being released on October 24 and many of the scenes were filmed in south-east London.

CEO of FilmFixer, Karen Everett, said: "As expected, many of the residents the production came across were big fans of the band, and happy that the film was being made in their neighbourhood.

"The production itself did a great job at getting to know residents and making donations to local residents’ groups to thank them."

"In Bromley, the cast and crew had their photo taken with local firefighters at Norman Park, during filming in October last year.

"Bromley’s Old Town Hall was put to work as Ealing Art College, which Freddie Mercury attended, and where the band gigged. It looks great in the trailer. It also plays the surgery of Freddie Mercury’s doctor.

"A home on Malyons Road in Ladywell, Lewisham, which you can also see in the trailer, plays the Feltham home in west London that Freddie grew up in, in the 70s."

The production team donated to For Jimmy during filming, a charity which aims to confront youth violence at its roots in memory of Jimmy Mizen.