A six-storey, 45-flat building in Rushey Green has been granted planning permission after the number of affordable homes in the development was increased.

The application was approved in April subject to developer the Elemento Group increasing the affordable housing in the scheme, which will replace Lewisham’s Job Centre Plus building.

The applicant added three more affordable rent two-bed houses to the scheme – increasing the affordable housing provision from 24.4 per cent to 33.3 per cent by unit – or 36.2 per cent by habitable room.

Lewisham Council has a target of 50 per cent affordable housing on all developments.

The scheme will see eight one-bed flats, two of which will be at affordable rent levels.

It also includes six one-bed flats, all of which will be at affordable rent levels, and one three-bed flat.

A Lewisham Council officer said the scheme was eligible to be fast-tracked by the mayor, meaning it would not need to be reviewed for profit at a late stage.

“Officers consider it is a great improvement would meet the mayor’s fast-track policy,” she said.

According to the planning documents, the changes to the scheme “presents a greatly improved affordable offer.”

Phoenix Community Housing will manage the affordable housing units, according to the planning documents.

The developer will also contribute £110,142 as a carbon offset payment.