A Beckenham woman is in desperate need of a new wheelchair and is appealing to the public to help crowdfund for one.

Gill Morphy, 42, suffers from a number of degenerative conditions, as well as fibromyalgia, and relies on a wheelchair to help her get around.

However, the current model she uses isn’t powerful enough to get her very far and she struggles to get up hills.

Gill’s lifelong friend Christine Johns has set up an online crowdfunding campaign to help raise £2,000 to buy an updated wheelchair.

Speaking to News Shopper, Gill told of how she nearly “burst into tears” when approached by Christine about the idea.

Diagnosed at the age of 18, Gill has spent time in and out of remission. However, according to her the past four years have seen a deterioration of her condition.

“In four years I’ve gone from wobbly legs to needing a wheelchair full-time,” she said.

Gill currently lives with her 76 year-old mother, who also acts as her full-time carer. Although Gill says she is grateful for her mother’s assistance, her powerchair enables her to be independent enough to offer care back to her mother.

She said: “We can do most things for one another - except when it comes to light bulbs."

When asked about what a new chair would mean to her, Gill explained it would help her regain her independence and allow her to travel further, without the assistance of her mother.

“Needing your mum to care for you all time the time, at my age, is just wrong in my eyes,” Gill continued.

Jill’s campaign is a quarter of the way towards its £2,000 target.