A wildlife charity in south-east London has described its disgust after a fox's severed foot was found in a snare.

The two members who run The Wildlife Lodge were called to a garden in Forest Hill on Tuesday (October 9) after a concerned homeowner called about her fox.

Ruth Thomas, who works for the charity, told News Shopper: "Unfortunately the woman has not seen the fox since after we found the snare.

"She is really shocked and never expected this. We don't know if it is laying low or is already dead."

Ruth added that the snare device was illegal and anything from a dog, cat or child could have come into contact with it.

It was the first time Ruth has encountered a snare and she spoke of her surprise at finding one in London.

In a statement, The Wildlife Lodge wrote: "Sometimes the cruelty in this world is too hard to bear.

"Somewhere in Forest Hill is a desperately suffering fox who is on borrowed time. We have set a cage trap for him and can only pray he goes in so we can get him to the Fox Project for treatment.

"This is a sad example of the disgusting things we humans do to the animals we share our planet with."

Anyone who spots the fox can reach out to the charity on social media via @WildlifeLodgeBromley