A former soap actor believes travelling from Honor Oak Park into London is a “rip off” and is calling on Transport for London (TfL) to rethink its zones.

Honor Oak Park is located in zone 3, which means a weekly ticket to a central zone 1 station in London costs £40.

Actor Paul Hyu, 51, who is about to star in OthelloMacbeth in the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, argues the station should be in zone 2.

“I have been thinking about it for some time,” he told News Shopper. “It seems like a rip off. Ever since my son turned 17 and started sixth form I have been forking out for his travel card.”

Paul’s research concluded that the average distance from zone 1 stations to Lewisham station, which is in zone 2, was 6.7 miles.

He said the average distance from Honor Oak Park to the same stations was just 6.6 miles and therefore should also be in zone 2.

Paul, who has starred in Eastenders and Coronation Street, added: “For people going into London it should be zone 2. They will save a lot of money. Commuters here are being unfairly treated compared to Lewisham.

“We have a good argument. It is a matter that beggars belief. This is not a whinging campaign we just don’t want to be ripped off.”

An annual season ticket between zone 1 to zone 3 costs £1,600 compared to £1,364 between zone 1 and zone 2.

He admitted that the possibility of TfL changing its policy was “slim” but said he is going to gather support from MPs and councillors in the hopes of inspiring action.

A TfL spokesman said: "TfL has no plans to make changes to the zoning of any stations in the TfL network. The Mayor is committed to making London’s fares more affordable for all by freezing TfL fares until 2020, introducing the £1.50

"Hopper fare for buses and maintaining a wide range of free or discounted fares, including the 60 plus free travel scheme, free journeys for children under 11 and other travel concessions for young people, apprentices and those seeking work."