Young children learning languages in Bexley have taken their classes to an elderly care home to practice with the residents.

The Lingotot group in Bexley has launched a new scheme - Lingotot Generations - which sees their language classes visit Riverdale Court Care Home in Welling.

While the children learn Spanish, the care home's residents join in with activities, including singing songs and helping with vocabulary lessons.

Sarah Canavan, Lingotot owner in Bexley, told News Shopper: "Seeing the looks on the residents' faces when they realise the kids are here is amazing."

She added she thinks both the residents and the children benefit from the classes, as studies have shown learning new skills can help delay the onset of dementia in the elderly.

After the 50 minute sessions, the children and parents have a chance to have a chat with the residents - which has led to the blossoming of some unlikely friendships.

Polly Shilton, whose daughter has Spanish lessons at the care home, said: “My children and I absolutely loved the Lingotot Generations class.

Not only did we come away having learnt the colours of the rainbow in Spanish, but we also really enjoyed, and benefited from, spending time with the residents.

"My five-year-old Dotty met her namesake, a resident called Dot, which she was thrilled about!"

Nicholas Kee Mew, manager of the care home, said: “I wanted to find an activity which would allow our residents to interact with the local community, and was thrilled to find Sarah and Lingotot Bexley right on our doorstep.

"Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the launch class – being able to start to learn a new language, chatting to the local parents and playing with the children."

After the success of Saturday Spanish lessons, Sarah is looking to expand class offerings to teach French at Riverdale Court on Wednesdays.