The area surrounding Shortlands station could be set for a revamp after years of concerns from residents and councillors.

Walking, cycling and road safety in the congested streets near the station could be improved as Bromley Council is set to bid for cash from TfL.

The council is planning to ask for funding from TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhood scheme in order to enhance the streets surrounding Shortlands, with up to £10m available for each borough in the capital.

If given the green light to bid, the council will find out by February if it has been successful.

Bromley Town councillors Michael Rutherford, Nicky Dykes and Will Harmer said they were delighted the council was preparing to bid for the money.

Cllr Harmer, who is also chairman of the environment and community services policy development and scrutiny committee, said: “This proposal represents one of the most ambitious programme of work to improve a neighbourhood in the Borough.

"The scheme has fantastic potential to make the area more enjoyable to live in and to encourage walking and cycling.”

A report that will be heard at cllr Harmer’s committee on Wednesday explains: “The level of improvement required is outside of the council’s usual funding streams; however the opportunity has arisen to take a strategic area wide view of the neighbourhood and to bid from funding from TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhood funding pot.

“A key part of the scheme would be improvements to the area around Shortlands station, to improve journey time reliability and improve crossings for pedestrians as well as improve the safety of the cycle Quietway proposed to run through Shortlands.

“Other key improvements would include better crossings and footpaths to encourage walking to school and measures to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured, a key borough priority.”

The exact details of the scheme are still to be decided, but an initial submission is expected to be made before December. 

Councillor Michael Rutherford said: “We have been campaigning for a while now- most recently February this year - to get improvements in and around the junction by Shortlands station and are delighted to see this become a possibility.

"We will be working hard to speak to residents and local organisations to explore ways in which we can use this programme to improve the area. 
“There will be a number of public events for people to feedback their priorities for the area before specific proposals are formed.”

According to officers: “The bid will support local borough transport priorities of reduced congestion through better journey time reliability at key junctions and congestion relief through mode shift for short trips, increased levels of walking to school, reduced causalities and the development of vibrant and thriving town centres.”

Cllr Nicky Dykes said: “As a local resident living close to the Shortland’s junction I know that there are problems in the area that need to be looked at.

"The roads around Shortlands station can be difficult to cross for pedestrians and cyclists and with schools in the area we want to do more to make residents feel safe.”