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Here, Chidi Ogundu shares his views on big changes in Doctor Who, which returns to our TVs this weekend.

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Last year after Roger Federer won Wimbledon, Doctor Who fans were treated to a trailer revealing the 13th Doctor.

As the hood went back we were all left shocked as history was being made for better or for worse - the 13th Doctor is a woman!

I was left with a range of mixed emotions that day, from “Why the hell did they gender swap the Doctor?” to “I’ll give it a chance but I hope the BBC knows what they’re doing.”

It really annoys me when the TV shows and films I love fall victim to social justice warriors' ideals and political correctness, which is what’s happened to this iconic sci-fi show that has been on TV since before I was born.

I understand that the Doctor can be male or female (I see it at comic con) but in this case the Doctor has always been a man, so why change it?

First of all I can 100 per cent appreciate the fact that young girls and women need strong and powerful female role models on the big and small screen to look up to, just like Wonder Woman and Rey from Star Wars.

But there have been examples where gender-swapping a character or characters has backfired, just like the Ghostbusters reboot where the Ghostbusters were all women and the secretary was the guy that played Thor. Rather than focusing on the story the idea of feminism and ‘Girl Power’ was shoved in our faces which is why it flopped.

I honestly felt like punching my TV every time I saw the glass ceiling-shattering trailer and the "It’s about time" part at the end of the recent Doctor Who trailer, I’d like to think it means that Doctor Who is finally coming back on TV but it’s really meant to celebrate the fact that the Doctor is now a woman.

Some things should be left alone but I genuinely wish Jodie Whittaker well in her new role as the Doctor and I’ll be watching the show this Sunday. I only hope and pray that the writers focus on the story and character development and not SJW, feminism crap.