A Beckenham clothing shop is closing after 12 years, with its owner blaming roadworks in the town.

Bromley Council has been working to improve Beckenham High Street for the past year.

However, Red Boutique has endured disruption to sales because of the roadworks, which were scheduled to finish in August.

Amanda Carey, 53, owner of Red Boutique, told News Shopper: “I am genuinely sad for the loss because I have been here a long time. There has already been tears. I have such happy memories.

“People like to support the high street but they have avoided it because of the roadworks.

“They are just not able to park and even today nobody can park. If people can’t pull into the shop they are not going to drive far away and walk back. It needs to be accessible and it hasn’t been.”

Amanda said she felt the effects of the roadworks immediately and said her earnings have fallen sharply.

Her final trading day is Saturday (October 6) and Amanda wants to reflect positively on the past 12 years as she enjoys champagne with customers.

The owner said Beckenham will improve once the work is complete and she hopes others can then rebuild.

She said: “Unfortunately, even though I know it will get better it is just a little too late for me. I have been shocked by how much it has cost me to stay open the past year.

“Looking at social media people are saying avoid Beckenham High Street because you can’t park.”

Amanda is now focusing her attention on her other shop, Lanta Boutique in West Wickham High Street.

News Shopper:

“I am hoping my loyal Beckenham customers come along to Lanta,” she said. “They have been amazing since the news came out. I thought I would be here for years to come.”

She feels Bromley Council has not done enough to support businesses who have suffered in the past year.

"They offered 10 per cent of business rates for three months which was £180 and is absolutely ridiculous."

However, she added: “It’s not all doom and gloom. I hope people will soon start using the high street the way it should be used.

“It would be great if people can come along tomorrow to enjoy some bubbly.”

A hardware store on the high street, Homefayre, also acknowledged it has been hit “very badly” because of the works.

An employee said: “It is a Friday and there is hardly anyone here. They are still working on traffic lights outside.”

Another business, which did not want to be identified, claimed it may have to move on because of the year-long improvement works.

Executive councillor for renewal, recreation and housing, Peter Morgan, said: “There are well publicised challenges which affect the retail sector nationally and it is partly because of those competitive pressures that we have invested so heavily in improving the town centre, supporting all businesses.

“It is always disappointing when a business closes but I am hopeful that the West Wickham shop prospers.

"Whilst we all recognised that there would be an element of disruption whilst the work was progressing, I think the improved Beckenham is looking really nice and that should result in improved pedestrian flow to the benefit of all traders in the future.

“I would like to thank businesses for their support in what has been a challenging period, with the disruptive work now largely complete.”