Thirty “priority” roads across Lewisham are set to be “traffic-calmed” through the use of speed humps, speed cushions and road curves.

This comes two years after the 20mph limit was introduced across the borough, with Lewisham Council now focussed on enforcing the speed limit.

Council officers are looking into the use of speed cameras where physical speed deterrents, like speed humps and speed cushions, are too expensive or would make it difficult for emergency service vehicles to access roads.

“This is only likely to occur on the larger Lewisham roads such as Downham Way, Brockley Road, Southend Lane,” according to Lewisham Council documents.

Addressing the overview and scrutiny education business panel, Lewisham Council officer Simon Moss said the council was expecting to recover the costs of the cameras through fines.

The cameras would be placed in areas that have a high-risk of collision, he said.

“Any surplus could be used to improve road safety. We have to talk to TfL and police because it’s done in partnership with those organisations,” he explained.

He said the council had not set a target on how quickly speed limits should be reduced since the 20mph limit was introduced in 2016, and would have to wait until 2019 before statistics over the last three years could be analysed

“Ultimately the targets are around the collision and injury statistics and actual road safety statistics. We certainly have targets which are in line with TfL.

“The end of this financial year will be first time we will have a view on the impact on road safety statistics,” he explained.

Council staff would monitor the 20mph limit when the data became available, and investigate the use of speed cameras.

Any decision to use speed cameras would need to be approved by mayor and cabinet.