Iceland has launched a luxury Christmas tree flavoured packet of crisps for just £1.

Not only this, they have also launched a luxury lobster cocktail flavour as well.

The Christmas tree crisps are made with oil from real pine needles, whilst the lobster cocktail flavour are a posh take on the classic prawn cocktail that we all know and love.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, Luxury Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps are sure to be a firm favourite during the festive period.

Iceland’s Head Chef, Neil Nugent, said: “At Iceland we are always evolving our product range to include the latest foods and trends. The Christmas Tree Crisps have a slight ready salted flavour with a hint of pine that creates a completely new combination, unlike any other festive flavour.”

Iceland’s Luxury crisps can be found now in customers local stores or online.