A campaign has been launched to get back-to-back episodes of Rainbow on the big Woolwich screen.

Geoffrey Hayes, the host of the long-running children’s show, died on October 1 at the age of 76.

The show featured the characters Zippy, George and Bungle as they lived in the Rainbow House, and it ran for more than 1,000 episodes.

Woolwich Pigeon on Twitter is now looking for 100 retweets to get Greenwich Council listening.

He said: “Rainbow was iconic to people of a certain generation and I feel the screen is under-utilised in general.

“I'd defy anyone not to walk through Woolwich while Bungle, Zippy, George and Geoffrey are doing their stuff and not smile.

“To get 100 retweets is a big ask but I think it can be done. The ball will then be in the council's court - I'm sure there will be strong support throughout the Greenwich Centre!”

Can we get it to 100 retweets?

A spokeswoman for Greenwich Council said: "There’s a process we have to go through to get things up on the big screen - we'd need to avoid any potential bungles."