An MP has said he is “puzzled and concerned” after a Charlton primary school revealed it was considering becoming an academy.

A row has broken out in Greenwich between Sherington Primary School and the council, after the school wrote to parents to say it was considering leaving the authority’s care.

The school, which is rated outstanding by Ofsted, said funding drops have meant it must “consider its future”.

Matthew Pennycook MP said: “I’m both puzzled and concerned that Sherington Primary School has confirmed that they are exploring joining a Multi Academy Trust.

“I know of no pressing challenges that require this outstanding local school to consider altering its existing structure, let alone a robust case for rushing toward a decision in principle to convert to an academy in the near future.”

Academies are publicly funded schools that are not under a council’s control, and have more power over pay and curriculum. They are funded by the government, not the local authority.

A statement on the school’s website said: “We are feeling the same financial pressures that schools all over the country are feeling, and at the moment these pressures look set to increase.

“We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of opportunities to Sherington pupils in music, technology and the arts, and we are adamant that we want to continue to provide these opportunities.

“The role of the local authority and its ability to continue to provide the same levels of support is also likely to change over time.

“We need to consider the best way of continuing to work in partnerships with local schools, and the opportunities that could most benefit Sherington pupils and staff – looking ahead several years into the future.”

The school has organised a meeting for parents concerned about the developments on October 17.

Mr Pennycook has called for the school to reconsider whether changing structures even be looked at.

He said: “I urge the headteacher and the governing body to think again about whether there is a genuine need to consider changes to the school’s structure at this time and to consult extensively and meaningfully with parents and carers in the weeks and months ahead, not just about alternative structures but the principle of whether adopting an alternative structure should even be under consideration”.

This comes months after parents appealed to the council for support against a “forced academisation” of The John Roan school in Blackheath.

The council said it was “in discussions” with the Sherington Primary and it would do all it can to keep it under its “school family.”