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For this week, Emily Brown from Orpington, calls for a rethink on pushing ahead with Brexit.

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In response to the News Shopper’s recent Opinion Column regarding getting on with Brexit, I would say no, please stop and think again. It’s not too late.

I’ve heard all the arguments that it would be undemocratic to have another vote, the people have spoken and there’s no way to stop it now.

I would argue that as 48 per cent of people voted to stay that is a very narrow margin.

Since this nightmare has been put in motion I’ve heard so many people say they only voted leave as a protest, they didn’t really understand the ramifications of what could happen and they now regret voting leave.

I do feel the leave campaign was brilliantly orchestrated and played very well to the fears of the uninformed masses.

In contrast remain gave us absolutely no clear or understandable information or facts as to why we should remain in the EU, foolishly concentrating instead on pointlessly responding to the declarations made by those championing leave.

The majority of politicians who favoured remain appeared incapable of offering a coherent response and seemed to just assume the public would know, by some form of osmosis, to vote remain.

Only now are the negative points of leaving becoming obvious - for example almost half of British trade is currently conducted in the EU, and a cautious estimate suggests that one million job losses could result from Brexit as well as a rapid rise in the cost of living.

Given all that background, in contrast to the previous column, I think it is essential that we have another vote.

Although I appreciate that people are pretty fed-up with making their cross in the box I feel this is not the time to be isolating ourselves from our nearest neighbours by sealing ourselves up on the island.

So, how to appease those who feel another vote on whether or not to leave would be undemocratic? Why not have a vote on whether we should have another vote?