Autistic adults and children in Greenwich enjoyed a BBQ with an ex-gangster at the weekend.

Dave Courtney, 59, is a self-confessed killer who says he has been shot at, stabbed and had his nose bitten off.

But last weekend the celebrity gangster again showed his softer side when he opened his Camelot Castle home in Plumstead to raise money for Autistic Inclusive Meets run by Emma Dalmayne.

Emma said: “Dave is great at encouraging charities and organisations and has a heart of gold, so he offered the BBQ as we were fundraising for our own premises.”

There was a face painter at the event called Jo Jo as well as three snakes and a two-year-old alligator who was looked after by Steve Mussard.

Emma continued: “We raised £250 and we are very grateful to Dave Courtney for all his help and support.”

For someone that has boasted about being friends with notorious criminals such as the Kray brothers, Dave is now dedicated to helping others.