Although many fast-food customers may believe all KFC restaurants they visit are the same, some have voiced their opinions by reviewing individual branches.

Looking at Tripadvisor, people’s thoughts are mixed.

There are several KFCs across south east London and north Kent – in Bromley, Dartford, Greenwich, Lewisham, and Swanley.

News Shopper has searched Tripadvisor to see which ones reviewers think are better – or less so – than others.

We’ve taken out ones with fewer than five reviews, and keep in mind not all of them are listed.

Positive reviews have a combined score of ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ ratings. These were accurate at the time of publishing and will not be updated.

All images used in this article are credited to Google Maps.

Without further ado, here are KFC branches across south east London ranked by Tripadvisor reviews:

1. Bluewater, Greenhithe

65% positive reviews

The good: “This is an efficient store. Always quick and also the food always tastes fresh. Happy to have KFC from this store.

“Only moan would be that I wish they smiled more when serving you, seems they are all a little grumpy.”

The bad: “Absolutely appalling service from a female member of staff with a serious attitude problem. She was told several times by a manager not to speak to customers that way, but she kept on and on.

“If it wasn’t for my 10-year-old son who was present when this was going on and wanted KFC then I would have just walked away.”

2. Swanley Shopping Centre, Swanley

35% positive reviews

News Shopper:

The good: “This KFC have staff that are friendly and helpful. The premises are clean and tidy, and normally there is not too long a wait for your food.”

The bad: “Staff had no idea how you use the till after trying to input my order three times. Ended up just walking out with no food.”

3. Broadway, Bexleyheath

31% positive reviews

The good: “Really friendly staff, made us [feel] really welcome and the chicken was divine. Surprised how varied the quality of these franchises can be.

“Will certainly recommend the Bexleyheath one!”

The bad: “I ordered and paid but was not given the exact order. The chicken and fries were cold. It was a takeaway, and to drive back to collect the rest will be most inconvenient.

“The hot chicken wings were also cold and very small. This is the second time that I experienced the same. The staff did not focus on the orders taken and works with no responsibility at all!”

4. Bellegrove Road, Welling

28% positive reviews

News Shopper:

The good: “Got some KFC for the wife and grandkids and, I must say, I was surprised at how quick we were served and the quality of the guys serving it.

“I know these places sometimes take a beating up over service but this one was okay. Parking is on a machine outside before 18.30 and the ticket is about 20p – or risk a £55 fine.

5. High Street, West Wickham, Bromley

28% positive reviews

The good: “Visited the new KFC in West Wickham. Very nice, new built store. It has a drive-thru and is quite big compared to the old store.

“Large car park at the rear as well, although it does get quite busy with cars.”

The bad: “Popped in this afternoon to takeaway some chicken. The staff didn’t seem to have a clue – long waiting, getting bullied by Deliveroo drivers and putting the wrong food out.

“My food came on a tray...I reminded the guy that it was takeaway. He just poured two fries into a bag. Fillet tower burger was a basic chicken burger when I got home. Won’t be going back.”

6. Orpington High Street, Bromley

18% positive reviews

News Shopper:

The good: “Good example of KFC. Staff are helpful and get what you want quickly. Nine time out of 10 it’s as fresh as you can get.

“There used to be a lady there who was obtuse. I can see from other reviews where she has struck previously. She’s not been there for a couple months at least.”

The bad: “Never again! Chicken not cooked properly, tastes like crap! Soggy and disgusting! Service is super horrible.”

7. Colman House High Street

0% positive reviews

The good: No ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ ratings available at the time of publishing.

The bad: “This is the worst KFC I have ever tasted! Tastes like the oil has never been changed. I took one bite of a flaming wrap and threw it away. My kids wouldn’t eat their burgers either.

“Complete waste of money and, had I still been in the store, I would have demanded my money back!”