There’s not long now until retailers across south London open their stores with major discounts and deals on a range of products.

Black Friday is returning as the mad shopping rush takes over in the lead-up to the festive holidays.

A traditionally American event, it appears to have become popular in this country too and 2018 will likely be no different.

Here’s a breakdown of what it is, when it is, and what you can do to get involved.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, is on the fourth Friday in November.

It’s often heralded as the day which marks the hectic Christmas shopping season.

Lots of products that tend to be popular buys in stores get a hugely reduced price tag while there are also sales and deals available.

Why the name? Some believe it’s because the huge surge in shoppers for retailers allows them to make a mega profit. Instead of losing money – as in, being "in the red" all year – they’re making money “in the black”.

When is Black Friday?

This year it’ll be on Friday, November 23.

But be aware that it’s not just on the day itself as there can also be deals in the build-up to the day – both online and in-store.

It means those price tags will drop sooner rather than later.

What can I get on Black Friday?

Lots of things.

There’s not a lot you can’t get on Black Friday, ranging from TVs, to games consoles, to fashion, and more.

Have you had your eye on something all this year? Then it might be available on Black Friday.

When does it start?

Midnight if you’re going to be taking part online and at the crack of dawn on high streets across south London.

Essentially, when those doors open. Mind that you won’t be the only shopper who will have thought about getting there early to beat the large crowds.

Where can I get these deals? Where do I search?

Amazon is a major player here, but so is Argos, Currys, John Lewis, and others. All your favourite retailers will be likely doing deals that day.

So get cracking soon!