New photos shared by the owners of Dartford's Air & Breathe club give a sneak peek of how it could look when it becomes ATIK.

Air & Breathe, which has been a clubbing institution in Dartford for years, will be saying its goodbyes on October 13.

On October 26 it will re-open its doors after undergoing a £750,000 makeover, and will become an ATIK.

There are already a few ATIK clubs in the UK, including in Romford and in Halifax.

Photos of the other clubbing hotspots show swanky velvet sofas, sparkling white floors and huge dancefloors.

When the club reopens, it will be revamped to hold three rooms instead of two - the newest addition will be the Curve RnB room.

Jordan Craine, general manager of the club, said: “Air and Breathe has been a big part of the town’s nightlife for a long time but it’s time to bring something new to Dartford.

"We’re really excited to open as ATIK Dartford and offer the very best clubbing experience that we can."