Two Eltham boys are being praised after helping a woman who had collapsed outside Sainsbury’s.

Frankie-James Palmer Strelley, 15 and his friend Kasey Robinson, 14, were riding their bikes through the car park of Sainsburys just off Eltham High Street when they spotted a lady who was unconscious.

They went to see if she was ok when they realised that she hadn’t moved for a while.

The boys ran into Sainsbury's to alert the staff and to get help. Luckily there was an off-duty paramedic nearby too.

The boys stayed with the woman, talking to her and making sure she was ok until the ambulance arrived.

Frankie’s mum Leanne told News Shopper: “I could burst with pride but he does that to me daily.

“He has ADHD and hasn’t had it easy yet he tries so hard daily and he looks after his nana too so it didn’t surprise me of his good nature.”

Many people took to Facebook to praise the boys and congratulate the mothers for bringing up such selfless young men, including staff from Sainsbury's and an off-duty paramedic who said that the boys were a credit to their parents.

Kasey’s mum Layla said: “I may not be perfect but when I look at my boy I know I got something in my life perfectly right after what he has done for a lady him and his friend found unresponsive.

“Without hesitation he went and got help and called for an ambulance, staying the whole time with the lady till they arrived and left. His acknowledgement and fast thinking possibly saved her life.

“I’m bursting with pride for who my boy has grown to be. He makes me overwhelmingly proud for all he does. He’s a real credit to me.”

Sainsbury's is now arranging for the boys to come into the store to recieve a token to say thank you. 

Ron Eastham, Food service manager at Eltham Sainsbury's said: "We are arranging for the two boys to come in store and giving them a voucher for they good help."

News Shopper has contacted London Ambulance Service for more details.