Residents in Swanscombe have been complaining of an influx of sand in the air after building work started on a nearby housing development.

Marie Dodd and Sue Waite, who both live in Swanscombe, have told News Shopper about the nuisance which has coated the ground and gardens in the area, and has even infiltrated their houses.

"I found it covering my toilet seat the other day," Ms Waite said.

"We can't keep our windows open anymore."

Ms Waite told News Shopper the sand had been in the air for three to four weeks, but it has really picked up over the last week.

"I put washing out on the line to dry the other day and when I went out to collect it, it was covered in sand. I had to wash it again."

Ms Waite shared photos of her car with News Shopper, which has also been coated in sand since the building work began.

Marie Dodd has contacted environmental health about the problem since she noticed it was getting worse.

"For days we've had sand on the cars, but it has got worse with the strong winds," she said.

Ms Dodd added she is concerned about her two children - who suffer with asthma - breathing in the sand.

"My mum picked the kids up from school today and the sand was stinging their eyes," she said, adding that her mother had decided to take the children home with her rather than taking them back to their sand-filled street.

"I can feel it too, it's like hayfever, when you get that feeling of dryness at the back of your throat."

Both Ms Dodd and Ms Waite have said the sand is coming from a housing development in Northfleet, where pits are being filled in with sand to level the ground.

They have called on developers and builders to hose down the land after pits have been filled, to try and stop the sand from spreading.

Dartford Council has not responded to requests for comment from News Shopper.