The wait continues for the Lowfield Street regeneration in Dartford as developers are ironing out the details of building with the council.

The proposed development, which follows 17 years of disappointment for Dartford residents, will see 188 new homes built.

After the town was let down by Tesco, which pulled out of the site after 12 years of stalling, people were eager to see a new lease of life put into Dartford when planning permission was granted in March 2017.

Amid concerns there would be a "Tesco v.2" situation in Lowfield Street, leader of Dartford Council Jeremy Kite told News Shopper that developer Bellway Homes was "the real deal."

He said: “Tesco were in all kinds of difficulty and frankly the whole town wasted a lot of time talking to them – but it is not quite as simple as not talking to them."

The council leader added: “Bellway are the first people in this whole sorry saga who have ever built houses.”

News Shopper contacted Meyer Homes, which is overseeing the Bellway construction, to get an update on the status of the project.

A spokeswoman said: “We are working with Dartford Council to amend and update the existing planning applications, whilst at the same time discharging the planning conditions.

"We are actively busy on-site and will be updating later in the autumn.”

The process of discharging planning conditions involves a developer exchanging written requests with a planning authority (the council) to change or get rid of some of the conditions attached to planning permission on a particular project.