A West Wickham woman who reached for the stars in her life-long quest to meet an S Club 7 member has had her dream crushed.

Emma Marie Warrington, 38, has followed the pop group since the 90s and has never missed a tour.

However, Bradley McIntosh, her number one member, has remained out of reach.

"It would be a dream for Emma to meet him,” mum Judie, 71, told News Shopper.

"She loves the way Bradley is always smiling and happy on stage. S Club 7 music makes her very happy."

Emma suffers from dyslexia, dyspraxia and epilepsy and in May she got her hopes up when she finally thought she would chat with her hero.

The super fan travelled to Reading for a meet-and-greet with S Club 3, the group started in 2008 by original members Jo O’Meara, Paul Cattermole and of course Bradley.

Emma was left heartbroken when she was told Bradley was not present for the fan interaction.

Mum Judie said the manager of the group promised Emma front-row tickets and a guarantee to meet Bradley for an upcoming show at Wembley Arena on October 11.

But despite numerous phone calls and social media appeals, Emma will not be going to the gig as she has not heard anything further about it.

Judie said: "She was devastated after Reading and still is. We follow Bradley on Twitter and Instagram but he has never responded yet. Emma is still hopeful she will meet him.

"It would mean the world to the family as well to see her dream come true."

We'll bring it all back and keep you posted if Emma finally gets her wish to meet Bradley.