She wanted answers. She wanted justice. But today, on Harley's fifth birthday, his "killer" has been deemed non-existent.

Samantha Glass, great-great-granddaughter of the co-founder of Marks and Spencer, wrote a tribute for Harley hours before the Met Police said the death of hundreds of cats was down to foxes and not a human.

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She told News Shopper: "It is f****** unbelievable. Words fail me.

"This is a massive police fail on all accounts. We now need victims to get together to march against the police.

"What else can we do? There is countless evidence from the Met saying cats have been mutilated by a clean slice. There have been decapitated heads lying across London.

"What happens when the killer drops back the tail to the doorstep? Do foxes have opposing thumbs to hold a mallet so they can bludgeon a cat before using a blade to decapitate it?"

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The devastated cat owner said an "immediate backlash" will come but admits she doesn't know how sustainable it is.

Why are the police no longer investigating? They explain here. 

Since Harley's brutal death on Wednesday (April 11) - Samantha has started a social media campaign called #HuntUDown4Harley in the hopes her cat will get justice.

But with the Met Police no longer investigating, it could be some time before any justice is served.