Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has blamed the housing crisis on his predecessors.

Mr Khan pledged to continue building more affordable homes and says previous mayor Boris Johnson “refused” to do anything.

The current mayor was questioned about what he is doing to solve the crisis at question time on Thursday (September 13) by a number of his GLA colleagues. 

Mr Khan said: “I am proud of the progress we have already made and our approach to social and affordable rented housing.

“The housing crisis has been years in the making and got worse with my predecessor.

“The previous London mayor had no targets, I plead guilty to my obsession with affordable housing.”

In 2017, 34 percent of homes built in the capital were classed as affordable and 38 percent of those built this year are affordable.

Back then, work began on 12,500 affordable properties.

In his housing strategy Mr Khan has a target of making sure that 50 percent of all new homes built are affordable.

He also pointed out that to meet housing targets of building at least 66,000 new homes in the capital he would need £27 billion from the Government.

Mr Khan added: “That is four times more than we currently receive. To fix the housing crisis the Government needs to give us more money and powers.

“The housing crisis is a result of a refusal to act for decades.”

Mr Khan also said that the Greater London Authority was “assisting” boroughs with advice for building more affordable homes.