People in Joydens Wood have been warned of a 'killer clown' in the area after two boys reported a person dressed as a clown approached them during the evening.

The boys were on their bikes in Tile Kiln Lane when they claim being approached by the dressed-up person on Friday at about 6pm.

According to the pair, the 'clown' shouted "run or die" at them, while waving their hand around, and was holding something "which looked like a knife."

After the boys' parents called police, a patrol car was sent to the area.

A Kent Police spokeswoman confirmed: "Kent Police was called at 6.46pm on 14 September 2018 to a report of a person dressed as a clown in Tile Kiln Lane, Dartford.

"This person was reported to have spoken to two young boys on bicycles. The boys left the area before the incident was reported to the police.

"Patrols in the area were advised of the incident but no person matching the description was seen."