The family of a Plumstead girl with a rare genetic condition are asking for help to make a dream come true for her 16th birthday.

Willow Bush, 15, is living with Aicardi syndrome, which causes her to experience severe and uncontrolled epilepsy and learning and mobility disabilities.

The Plumstead teenager is mostly non-verbal but music reaches her in a way that nothing else does as she sings, dances and gets lost in the melodies.

Her family have asked charity Make-A-Wish UK to help them create a music festival, WillowFest, for her 16th birthday next month.

The family have chosen Tunbridge Wells as the venue because it isn't too far away from home and the site meets the accessibility needs of Willow and some of her friends.

Make-A-Wish is now asking residents if they can help Willow’s wish come true.

They still need pop bands, street food trucks, entertainers and props to create a true festival experience.

With her 16th birthday on October 6 fast approaching, Willow’s mum feels now is the right time to create a really special experience for Willow.

Taking her to a music festival to explore her passion would mean navigating busy crowds and campsites with her wheelchair so, until now, it hasn’t really been possible.

Viv Bush, Willow’s mum says: “We tried to take Willow to a local festival. Although she loved aspects of it, it was really hard work and too full-on for her.

"We want to give Willow an experience she wouldn’t otherwise be able to have - her very own music festival, WillowFest.

"We’ve tried to make her life as full and interesting and stimulating as possible, but there are limits to what we can do for her. That’s why organisations like Make-A-Wish are so important.

"You don’t ever get used to your child suffering. Every single seizure is still horrible, and although they scare Willow, she is incredibly resilient.

"Even after a nasty seizure, she'll be smiling five minutes later. Her default position is 'happy' and that's what we try to focus on.”

If you, or someone you know, can help to grant Willow’s wish for a birthday music festival, fill in the form here (