A man who returned to south London for his sister's wedding will go home to Canada after being robbed at knife-point in broad daylight.

Steven Reed, 27, from Anerley, was left "shaken up" after walking through Betts Park on Wednesday (September 12) afternoon and being approached by three hooded teenagers.

His sister, Kim Reed, told News Shopper: “They asked him to give him his phone.

“He explained it wouldn’t be much good to them and that it had photos of his kids in it and work stuff.

“They pulled out a large kitchen knife and said to give them the phone or they will stab him.”

Steven told his sister he was unnerved by how unflinching the kids were and felt they would have stabbed him if he didn’t oblige.

Two women in the park saw the situation unfold and phoned the police.

Steven took the sensible step of handing over his new Galaxy S8 phone before the kids, who were wearing green school blazers, scrambled.

“Once the adrenaline crashed he was glad he wasn’t alone,” Kim said. “The lovely women stayed with him until police arrived.

“The main thing for him now is that he wants his phone back. He is also surprised this happened in the afternoon.

“You think you are safe but you’re not. The kids didn’t care people were about.

"Steven is kicking himself. He is finding it frustrating they took his phone which is locked to a Canadian network anyway."

A Met Police spokesman confirmed they were called at around 1.45pm.

He added: “A man in his mid-20s was approached by three black males aged 15 to 17.

“He was threatened with a knife and robbed of his mobile phone.

“The youths made off, the victim was not injured.”

No arrests have yet been made.