Plans to build a 13-storey housing development in Bexleyheath have been given the green light by the London Mayor's office as backlash against the scheme continues.

The proposal to provide 518 new homes on the Broadway was approved by Bexley Council in June, but residents who opposed the plans said they had been "sold down the river."

A planning statement submitted at the end of 2017 by developer Bellway estimated 160 construction jobs and 296 permanent jobs could be brought to the area.

It also designated 20 per cent of the homes as "affordable" but has come under fire for not appearing to provide any social housing.

After the decision was made in June, residents vowed to take action against the construction of the site.

However, Mark Watling, planning officer at Bexley Council, has confirmed to News Shopper the application has been signed off by City Hall and the council has been given approval to oversee the project.

Mr Watling said: "At the Mayor's meeting on September 11, the scheme was considered and we have now formally heard that the deputy mayor for planning, regeneration and skills is content for the planning authority to determine the case itself."

Ann Kournif, a Bexleyheath resident who has been battling against the application, told News Shopper the block would be an "eyesore."

"God help us. It looks like we are going to turn into just another urban inner London borough. What happened to this country being a democracy?"

Ms Kournif added the project would be "a disaster for the area and our environment."

"It seems the public and residents' opinion counts for nothing," she said.

Ms Kournif has vowed to put pressure on City Hall to keep fighting the decision, and has encouraged anyone else who opposes the development plans to join her.