A narrow escape for a child who was nearly hit by a car in St Paul's Cray has inspired worried residents to demand action.

The eight-year-old girl was almost knocked over in Longbury Close on September 1.

The Longbury Residents Association says the road has become “very dangerous” because the 'slow' markings have faded away.

Secretary of the association, Colin Willetts, told News Shopper: “I have asked the council to remake the slow signs in the area.

“There also needs to be a sign warning people that kids are playing.

“It’s a little dicey up here now because Transit vans are parking on the corner of Longbury Close causing blind spots.

“There is a tight bend and it can be quite nasty. If anyone is coming up half-sharpish people could be in trouble. Slow markings need to be put there because more people have started parking there.”

After her daughter Hollie was almost hit, Jo Goodwin put up signs made by her children around lampposts and shrubs pleading to drivers to slow down.

A spokesman for Bromley Council said: "We are not aware of road safety concerns about this cul-de-sac and nor have there been any recorded collisions here in over 10 years but if residents do make contact, we would be happy to listen to their concerns.

"In a road where there are heavily parked vehicles, speed in excess of the speed limit is not likely to be a factor but drivers do need to drive according to the conditions.

"If there are faded road signs in situ, then if these are reported to us, we will look to renew them. Residents are reminded that the easiest and quickest way to do this is via our website www.bromley.gov.uk/report."