An Asda delivery driver in Abbey Wood was prevented from doing his job after a gang of kids attacked his van.

Vicky Deeks, 37, was waiting for her delivery at her home on Lensbury Way on Tuesday (September 11) when she received a panic call from the driver just before 7.30pm.

She told News Shopper: “He said he was out on the street but couldn’t deliver the shopping because a gang of boys was attacking his van.

“He sounded quite scared. He didn’t want to leave the van, was stuck and didn’t know what to do.”

Vicky said the driver was told by his bosses to abandon the delivery and return to the depot for his own safety.

However, Vicky’s boyfriend went out to collect the shopping and spotted youths throwing traffic cones up the road.

“He could see the van was all dented where they had kicked and smashed it,” Vicky said. “The driver didn’t want to get out in case they came back.

“There was a couple of incidents last night of kids causing trouble in the area. Some shops refuse to deliver at Lensbury Way now.”

Vicky fortunately received her shopping after her boyfriend brought it in from the damaged van.

News Shopper has contacted both the delivery driver and Asda for more information.