The best doctors surgeries in Bromley have been revealed following an annual survey.

The GP Patient Survey asks residents for their opinions and measures their views on the standard of practices in their borough.

The survey quizzes patients on waiting times, the quality of care given, opening times and out-of-hours services.

In Bromley, 4,677 out of a possible 13,000 people took part in this year’s survey.

Overall, 84 per cent of people found Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group – the body in charge of practices – as being good, which is line with the national average.

Overall, Forge Close Surgery and Chislehurst Medical Practice came out on top of the patient satisfaction rankings.

The two clinics were the top-rated in the borough – with 95 per cent of patients saying they had a “good” experience using them.

Patients said they found the appointments offered by the surgeries to be good, and that both practices offered good levels of support of long term health conditions.

At the bottom end of the scale was Charterhouse Surgery, which overall had 47 per cent of patients saying it was a good experience using it.

Only 39 per cent of patients said they found it easy to get through to the surgery on the phone, compared to the borough average of 71 per cent.

The practice also ranked second lowest for helpful receptionists, with 75 per cent of patients saying they were helpful – lower than Bromley’s average of 90 per cent.

Out of the 43 practices in the borough, 23 were rated as having an overall experience that is better than the national average of 84 per cent.

Patients in general found it easy to get through to someone on the phone, but found it harder than average to make an appointment.

Here are the overall experience scores for Bromley GP surgeries from worst to best:

Charterhouse Surgery – 47 per cent

Crescent Surgery – 64 per cent

Poverest Medical Centre – 66 per cent

Trinity Medical Centre – 72 per cent

Gillmans Road Surgery – 72 per cent

Highland Road Surgery – 72 per cent

Anerley Surgery 72 per cent

Stockhill Surgery – 73 per cent

Broomwood Road – 74 per cent

Oakfield Surgery – 74 per cent

Dysart Surgery – 78 per cent

Cross Hall Surgery – 78 per cent

Links Medical Practice – 79 per cent

Summercroft Surgery – 79 per cent

The Park Practice – 80 per cent

Ballater Surgery – 80 per cent

Whitehouse Surgery – 81 per cent

St Mary Cray Practice – 83 per cent

London Lane Clinic – 83 per cent

Robin Hood Surgery – 83 per cent

South View Partnership – 84 per cent

Sundridge Medical Centre – 84 per cent

Derry Downs – 85 per cent

Southborough Lane Surgery – 84 per cent

Chelsfield Surgery – 86 per cent

Norheads Lane – 87 per cent

Green Street Green Surgery – 87 per cent

Knoll Medical Practice – 88 per cent

Bromley Common Practice – 89 per cent

Tudor Way Surgery – 89 per cent

Manor Road Surgery – 90 per cent

Cornerways Surgery – 90 per cent

Elm House Surgery – 90 per cent

Cator Medical Centre – 90 per cent

Station Road Surgery – 91 per cent

Addington Road Surgery – 91 per cent

Pickhurst Surgery – 92 per cent

Wickham Park – 92 per cent

Bank House Surgery – 92 per cent

Woodlands Practice – 92 per cent

Family Surgery – 93 per cent

Chislehurst Medical Practice – 94 per cent

Forge Close Surgery – 94 per cent