A group of balaclava-wearing moped riders have been causing havoc on residential streets in Eltham.

A resident posted a photo of two boys on the back of a moped on August 8 riding dangerously around the Progress Estate.

The driver was seen wearing a black balaclava and local residents said they were eventually joined by at least four more boys on mopeds that had also been seen in Blackfen.

The resident said some of the boys were holding bats and they were all driving too fast around residential streets and could have seriously hurt someone.

He reported them to police, who replied on Twitter: "A group of young men on bikes was chased down on Rochester Way heading away from Eltham ... they slipped in to the park and lost the pursuing officer however images of these people were taken and have been spread around the general area in case they are seen again.”

Many locals speculated as to what the boys might have been up to but it is not known if any damage was done.

Call 101 and talk to the police if you experience antisocial behaviour like this.