A "transphobic" poster claiming male sex offenders are being put into female prisons because they "claim to be women" has angered the person who spotted it.

The poster was seen in a bathroom at Beckenham Beacon health centre on Monday (August 13).

It read: “Did you know that there are men, who have assaulted and raped women, housed in UK women’s prisons because they claim to be women?

“Did you know that groups are going into schools and telling kids they can ‘choose’ whether to be a boy or a girl, that these groups receive Children in Need and National Lottery funding?

“Did you know that proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act will mean that a man is allowed into women’s spaces (changing rooms, sports teams, swimming lessons) just by declaring herself to be a woman?”

Harrison James spoke to News Shopper about his reaction when his girlfriend Amy, 25, showed him a photo of the poster she had seen at the medical centre.

He said: “I thought it was just disgusting that we live in a world where people would vandalise medical facilities with such outdated transphobic views.

“It really has no place in our society.”

He said his girlfriend was unable to remove the poster because it was a plastered on with a sticker.

However, the pair are going back to the Beacon today with "warm water and soap" to remove it.

Harrison shared the poster on Facebook and encouraged people to “tear these signs down” after others were reportedly spotted in Beckenham.