An Abbey Wood mum in a Peabody home has said she is scared for her safety after she was left with an 'insecure' front door.

Sara Lloyd, who lives in Clewer House, returned from holiday on July 20 to find her front door had been forced open by police and the fire brigade.

After a leak in the apartment above, emergency services had forced entry in case the water affected the electrics in her flat.

Miss Lloyd, who lives in the flat with her five-year-old daughter, says she has been waiting for a new front door ever since.

Photos of the door show the initial damage caused by the forced entry and the reinforced wood used to board it up.

Speaking to News Shopper, Miss Lloyd said she is worried about the security of the flat.

"I sleep for two hours if I’m lucky. My five-year-old won’t sleep in her room as she is scared someone will break in," she said.

Miss Lloyd added she is also worried the door could be a fire hazard.

"I'm scared to stay here," she said.

When contacted by News Shopper, Peabody apologised for the delay in fixing the door.

A spokeswoman for Peabody said: "We take the safety and security of our residents very seriously and took immediate action to make the door safe.

"We’re sorry it’s taken longer than expected to fit a replacement, we’re working to get a new door installed as quickly as possible."