Honor Oak Park residents and business owners were threatened with eviction from a planning committee meeting, after objecting to a Domino’s restaurant.

Councillors granted planning permission for Domino’s to install a new shop front and a single-storey extension, extraction ducts and air conditioning compressors to the property in Honor Oak Park, but objectors were concerned about a Domino’s moving into the area.

Residents’ concerns included delivery bikes cluttering up the road and the street, and how the two pizzerias already in Honor Oak Park might be impacted.

A Lewisham Council officer emphasised Domino’s operation in the area was not up for planning consideration, but that the application only related to the shop front and extension.

A fish and chip shop currently uses the premises so the application was not seeking a change of use, he explained.

“They are proposing a shop front largely identical to the shop front which is there. It has to be based on that, not finding a solution to largely a separate issue,” he said.

“No part is seeking permission for Domino’s to operate. They could operate tomorrow if they chose to.”

But members of the community and business owners were frustrated they had not been consulted about the business taking up residence in the area.

One shouted “why have you even invited us here if you already granted something?” and was threatened with security by the meeting chair, Cllr Olurotimi Ogunbadewa.

“If you don’t listen to me I will ask security to move you on. No comment from the public please,” he said.

Cllr Leo Gibbons said he understood locals’ concerns and would investigate them further outside of the meeting.

“Most members on this panel understand those concerns and can take that on board and investigate the issues,” he said.