An online petition has been set up to demand action after another dog was killed after finding its way on to the railway tracks by Beckenham Place Park.

The petition states “numerous dogs” have been killed on the tracks and that Network Rail has been asked multiple times to fix a problem with the fencing near the tracks.

Link to petition here

Jill Carter, 53, told News Shopper her dog Frida was killed on Friday (July 27) after finding a hole in a fence that leads to the tracks.

She said: "Frida had bolted from her walker and I found her body on the tracks at Ravensbourne station where she had been electrocuted.

"This negligence has led to the loss of a member of the family and was completely avoidable. My family will never get over this.

"I understand she's the fifth dog to be killed. Are they waiting for a child? My life will never be the same."

Paul Beckwith, 44, who started the petition, told News Shopper: “We can only put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes and imagine how they feel to have their dog killed so needlessly.

“We love our dogs like our own children. This is completely preventable and I can only imagine what the dog owner is going through.”

Paul, who lives near Beckenham Place Park, claims Network Rail has sent out engineers before to examine the fence but to no avail.

“Lots of people are angry and upset about this,” he added. “The general feeling is that even one death is too much.

"We need a proper fence that goes deep enough to stop this. What happens if next time it is a small child?”

A spokesman from Network Rail told News Shopper an inspection will take place soon to see if the fence needs repairing.

He added: “This must have been a very upsetting incident for the dog’s owner. We will inspect the fence along the path by the railway between Ravensbourne and Beckenham Hill and make any necessary repairs.

“Anyone who has any concerns should call our 24 hour helpline immediately on 03457 11 41 41 to alert us of any issues.”