The world can be a bit doom and gloom sometimes with the increase in crime and the never-ending Brexit debate - but here is a lovely happy story to lead you into the weekend.

Sally Hinkley, 42, of Gilbert Road in Belvedere, has been putting out notes to postmen and pet owners offering them nice cold water to keep them cool in this heatwave.

Sally is one of the Belvedere ward Labour councillors as well as a caseworker for MP Teresa Pearce.

One of the notes reads: “Postman/woman and delivery people. If you need a cool glass of water in this horrendous weather, please knock - we’re in and have ice at the ready.”

And another reads: “Woof, woof, woofy woof wooooof. In translation - water for any thirsty dogs walking by.”

Sally told News Shopper: “I firstly put the note up for the delivery people after having seen a delivery van stop at our local newsagent and the driver coming out with a bottle and downing the whole thing in one.

"It made me stop and think just how awful it must be to be either walking about all day in this heat delivering letters or driving about without much chance to grab a drink."

Sally said that because it is such a busy road the water has definitely been welcomed by Belvedere's furry friends.

She even has a lovely little helper in her eight-year-old daughter who is delighted with the visitors and has taken to monitoring the water levels.

Sally continued: “Wildlife and nature are no doubt suffering in these dry and hot conditions, so it's just human to do a little to help and to extend that to those people out there working in this.”

“I'm just glad I wrote the note in dog-ese so they know to help themselves!"

We can definitely all learn a lesson from this and should put a bowl of water outside for the hot pets in the heatwave.