An Eltham mum says her two-year-old found poo and a hedgehog in McDonald's soft play area.

A woman took to This is Eltham, SE9 yesterday afternoon after she says her toddler found a disgusting mess in McDonald's at Yorkshire Grey, Eltham

The eltham mum said: "Just been in McDonald’s Yorkshire grey and my 2 year old found a hedgehog, and a load of poo, in the soft play area."

Many couldn't work out how the hedgehog had got into the soft play area and many were worried about its wellbeing.

A McDonald's spokesman said: "“Hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost important to us and as soon as a complaint was made to our Yorkshire Grey restaurant crew an investigation took place.

"A hedgehog was found to have entered the play area overnight, the RSPCA were called to remove it, and the play area has since been thoroughly cleaned."

"We would like to reassure all customers that the restaurant and play area is well looked after in terms of cleaning and maintenance at all times.”

News Shopper contacted the RSPCA and the hedgehog is now being taken care of at a local vets.