A councillor has been removed from a charity board following criticism of controversial plans to turn a school into an academy.

The John Roan School in Maze Hill, which has had multiple headteachers over a short period of time, was slapped with a critical Ofsted report and a controversial order to become an academy.

Parents, teachers and councillors have blasted the academisation of the school, with protests being held and preparations for a legal battle under way to fight the “flawed” report.

Now, Cllr John Fahy has been removed from the board of trustees for the school’s foundation, which raises money to help the school fund projects.

Cllr Fahy has been open about his criticism of the adcademsation of the school.

The Woolwich councillor tweeted: “I’m disappointed to be removed from the John Roan Foundation. Trustees failing to act in the interests of the school. Accused of breaching confidentiality.”

When contacted for further comment, the councillor added: “[I’m] giving thought to asking the Charity Commission to investigate the actions of the foundation in respect of their failure to carry out due diligence and acting against the interests of the John Roan students.”

The move comes following a grassroots campaign to challenge Ofsted for the ‘inadequate’ rating it gave the school.

Blame is also being put at the University School Trust, which was brought in as consultants in September but failed to turn the school around before Ofsted’s decision earlier this year.

Cllr Fahy’s recently resigned from his position as a governor at Royal Greenwich Trust School in protest over “predatory action” from the UST in relation to The John  Roan School.

The National Education Union claims the UST lobbied for the John Roan to join its trust before the Ofsted inspection was published.

A crowdfunding effort has been launched to raise money to take on Ofsted.

Parents have also appealed to the council for help, and delivered a deputation to the council chamber saying the school had potential.

The council, which has disagreed with the order, legally has to facilitate the academisation.

The UST has been named as the preferred sponsor for the new academy by the regional schools commissioner.

Grahame Price, CEO for UST, said previously: “I recognise that the recent Academy Order placed on the John Roan School by the Regional Schools Commissioner has come as a shock to many people in the community and that they, like Councillor Fahy, are opposed to this decision.

“However, our understanding is that the Academy Order is a legal obligation following the Ofsted judgement that The John Roan School has ’serious weaknesses’.

“In this situation we understand that the John Roan School must become a sponsored Academy and that the RSC must find a sponsor for the school.”

The John Roan was contacted for a comment, but had not replied at the time of writing.