A former Waitrose employee from Petts Wood who damaged her arm after slipping over at work three years ago is appealing for witnesses.

Sara Kingsman, 48, was working in Waitrose Beckenhem on Southend Road on November 14, 2015 at 4.25pm after being asked to do an overtime shift.

After walking back to the till with some oranges she slipped and fell down hard on the floor.

Sara waited four days for surgery where three metal rods were inserted into her dominant wrist.

She told News Shopper her mum had to care for her during a painful 10 weeks.

“Everyone gasped when I fell,” she said. “It is a long shot but I remember people helping me and I think they would remember even though it was a few years ago.”

Sara says she was unable to claim insurance since the incident because of an issue with CCTV.

The slipping saga meant Sara was unable to go back to work.

She is now looking for witnesses three years on from the ordeal.

“I should have done it ages ago but life just takes over," she said.

“You never know, someone could go ‘oh my god I remember that’ so it is worth a try. One lady in particular was very helpful and there were loads of people around.”

She said her arm still gets twinges of pain and will never again be completely normal.