Greenwich Council has praised cleaners who helped quickly clear up a huge mess left behind in Woolwich after England’s defeat last night.

Unfortunately, England are not going to win the World Cup, but they did an amazing job at bringing us all together.

However, with big events comes a big clear-up and with a massive screen in General Gordon Square the amount of rubbish left required all hands on deck.

Royal Greenwich tweeted: “A big thank you to our cleaning team who have done a spectacular job of removing litter from General Gordon Square after last night's #England game.”

People have now taken to Facebook and Twitter to praise the great work that was done and to berate those that left it in such a state.

Theresa Diplock said: "Fab shame the people couldnt clean up after themselves."

Jason May said: "People moan about the state of our country yet how hard is it to put in a bin or as a pile next to the bin. lazy, yet they wouldnt do that in there mums front garden."

Becky Boo Harmsworth said: "Think we need to start a petition to make sure the cleaning crew get a fat bonus in their pay checks!! Least we can do as a community but I don't know how."

Candy Freeman said: "These people are an absolute disgrace to themselves. What kind of person trashes a public place like that? Trashy people methinks.. disgusting. They should have been fined."