A Bexleyheath man who was adopted when he was a three month old baby needs help to find his dad and half-brothers.

Jack Edward, 22, believes his dad doesn’t even know he exists.

He told News Shopper: “I think I was a secret at the time.

"I have always told people it would be the missing piece of the puzzle to find them.

“It is important to me and my self -esteem and peace of mind to get this sorted.”

The only details he knows about his dad are from his adoption papers.

His name is Graham, born in 1960, and he was a car salesman. Son Jack said he was once 5ft 6 and had brown hair.

His half-brothers are called Gary, born in 1986, and James, born in 1988.

“It will probably be a shock to the system to them to know about me,” he said.

“It sounds cliché but it would just be nice to have a blood connection with someone.”

Jack said his adoptive parents are fully behind him in his quest to find his family.

He added that he appreciates his information is limited, but asked for anyone who may know something about Graham, Gary or James to contact him on jackedwardmarsh@live.co.uk