Business owners on a Thamesmead industrial estate are furious over a lack of action to remove abandoned cars which have been blocking access.

Staff from multiple businesses in Boughton Road in West Thamesmead Business Park have complained that Greenwich Council is not doing enough to remove the vehicles and enforce the issue.

Tamara Witchlow, who works at Bampton’s Lift Manufacturers, said constant phone calls, emails, and contact with the police and council had not yet solved the problem.

“I have continually asked Greenwich Council to sort this problem again and again, they send out parking attendants to ticket the obviously dumped cars,” the 42-year-old told News Shopper.

“The companies along this road are absolutely furious, it’s sometimes impossible to access our car park at the rear of our building.”

Mrs Witchlow sent video footage to the News Shopper showing numerous badly damaged cars dumped in the road and on pavements as well as other general debris and rubbish.

News Shopper: Nearby businesses say not enough is being done to remove abandoned cars in Boughton Road

“It’s dangerous to walk the pavements and a risk to our employees, should a fire break out there’s no way a fire engine would be able to get access to the building,” she added.

News Shopper previously reported in January how Greenwich Council had seized six cars in a “day of action” in Boughton Road.

But some business owners on the road say more needs to be done, and have reached the end of their tether.

Yuriy Kushnir, 38, who owns YKJoinery added: “It’s insane. We’ve been fighting with the council for a very long time”.

He added that it had taken “nine months to put two yellow lines on the road”.

A Greenwich council spokeswoman said: “The Council is taking ongoing action to tackle the problems from of abandoned, untaxed and illegally parked vehicles in Boughton Road, Thamesmead.

“The Council’s Enviro-Crime Enforcement Officers check the area daily for the existence of abandoned and untaxed vehicles which it can, after a period of time, seize as part of its ongoing Operation Stop It campaign. In one day alone earlier this year the Council removed a total of six cars from the street which has a large number of vehicle repair workshops.

“Parking restrictions were put in place in Boughton Road last year to reduce illegal and inconsiderate parking and to improve traffic flow in the street. The measures introduced included double yellow lines down one side of the street and bollards on the other. The Council’s Parking Enforcement Officers visit the street regularly and in the last three months have issued around fifty tickets.

“If fines are not paid and owners do not get in contact in response to parking tickets the Council can check the ownership of vehicles with the DVLA and if they are found to be untaxed or abandoned they are seized"