A contractor responsible for collecting bins in Bexley is under fire once again after delayed collection of food bins in Sidcup during the heatwave.

Several residents have taken to Facebook to air their grievances about missed collections of food and recycling bins over the last two weeks from Serco.

Robert Brodie, who lives on East Rochester Way, called for the company to lose its contract with the council, as his food caddy collection was missed last week.

After Mr Brodie filled out two missed collection forms, the bins were finally collected three days late.

While some people's rubbish is being left out to rot, others are wondering if there are any refuse collectors out in Bexley at all.

One woman took to Facebook to ask if the bin men were on strike, as she had not seen a single lorry on the streets for days.

Last month, Bexley Council apologised for missed collections across the borough, blaming staff shortages at Serco for the poor service.

They added they were in talks with Serco bosses to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Addressing the missed collections during the heatwave, a council spokeswoman said: "We apologise for any inconvenience the recent problems with bin collections may have caused residents.

"Our contractor Serco had been instructed to prioritise food waste over other recycling collections.

"Serco’s performance has shown some improvement over the last month, however the necessary standards are not yet being met at all times and there have recently been higher levels of late and missed collections.

"Last week there were additional problems due to faults on two key collection vehicles.

"Both are now fully operational and back in service and we understand from Serco that the backlog of missed collections was resolved over the weekend."