Thames Water has apologised to Greenwich residents left with low water pressure for days due to a burst pipe.

The pipe, in Azof Street, reportedly burst on Friday (July 6) after some water works.

Natalie Foote, who lives in Meridian House, said her water pressure has been almost completely cut off since Saturday.

She also told News Shopper she and her three children were not delivered drinking water by the company for more than 11 hours on Sunday, the hottest day of the year.

After complaining to Thames Water, Ms Foote claims she was told the pipe would be repaired overnight on Monday (July 9). However, she was still without water this morning.

Thames Water apologised to Ms Foote and other residents of Meridian House and assured them their pressure would be restored today.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry that some people in Meridian House have had lower than normal water pressure caused by the ongoing leak.

"It is due to be repaired today (Tuesday). We first had reports of low water pressure on Sunday lunchtime and delivered bottled water as quickly as we could.

"We’ve had to plan the repair to the leaking pipe in a way which doesn’t cut off the water supply to a large number of homes and had to replace a valve on the pipe, which has led to the delay in getting it fixed.

"Once the job is finished we expect water pressure to return to normal.”