Donald Trump will land in London on Thursday as part of a three day official visit, which will take him to various parts of England and London.

However, this doesn't mean that anyone is really excited to see him.

50,000 people are expected to protest to ‘welcome’ Donald Trump to London later this month.

Donald Trump will be descending on our good city this Friday, and of course the majority of us either don’t care or are ready to riot.

‘Stop Trump’ campaigners will march through the city of London before they begin to rally in the iconic Trafalgar Square.

Protestors will meet outside the BBC building at 2pm and make their way through the busiest parts of London.

‘Stop Trump’ have been an organization since the Presidential elections in 2017.

What else is happening when he visits?

He will arrive on July 12, the day after the NATO summit in Belgium. He will be travelling in the helicopter Marine One and will be driven around in 'The Beast', his bulletproofed limo.

Believe it or not activists have created a giant inflatable baby Trump, yes you did read that correctly.

The 6 metre inflatable will fly high over the city during Trump’s visit.

Sadiq Khan has given the green light to the flying inflatable baby Trump saying he was not willing to 'censor' the giant baby.

Can my pals join all the fun?

There are rumours that buses will be bringing thousands of people from across the country to London on July 13 just so they can get a glimpse of the man with the funny hair.

Will anything stop me from rioting?

Unfortunately there are planned engineering works happening on the Piccadilly line, so it will be busier than usual. But all we would say to that is, plan your journey ahead of time.

What will Trump get up to?

He and Melania will will meet the Queen at Windsor Castle and also Theresa May at Chequers, her country estate in Buckinghamshire.

There are rumours that he will visit the US embassy despite criticising it’s new location in Nine Elms.

He might have a big mac or two, because we have all heard the stories of him only eating fast food because he doesn’t trust anything else.

Anything else?

A crowdfunder has been set up for a giant Sadiq Khan to fly high next to giant baby Trump.