The Chief Executive of the NHS has expressed concerns over Love Island and the damaging effect it is having on our mental health.

Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, recently spoke to the BBC’s Andrew Marr over adverts for cosmetic surgery during ad breaks.

He said: "You've got explicit ads being aimed at young women around breast cosmetic surgery. That is all playing into a set of pressures around body image that are showing up.”

“It is not solely the NHS' responsibility to alleviate issues surrounding eating disorders and mental illness in the youth, but that social media sites and television programmes should also step up and tackle the problem.”

It has been reported that contestant Megan may have spent over £25,000 on surgeries to change her appearance.

Mr Stevens said the NHS is “picking up the pieces” when it comes to the decline in young people’s mental health.

He is now urging companies like Youtube and Google to start taking this seriously.

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